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Stewardship not Salesmanship 

Stewardship not Salesmanship 

We have developed a proprietary process, called the The MosaIQ Method, that ensures we never lose sight of two essential elements to achieving financial independence - the things that matter and the things you can control. 

For an overview of our firm's philosophy and our approach with clients, watch the video below.

The MosaIQ method is built on seven pillars that dynamically adjusts as critical life events occur to give our clients a living, breathing financial plan.

To learn about our seven pillars process, click below.

The MosaIQ Method
A Research Process Focused on Clients' Concerns

A Research Process Focused on Clients' Concerns

Our belief is that most investors are more concerned about the daily changes in the values of their portfolios, rather than how effectively the companies of the investments they own are managed. This is the difference between technical investment research and fundamental research. Our proprietary technical research process uses daily prices of investments as its sole input so we never lose sight of what matters most to our clients.

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Words of Wisdom

Fear and faith cannot occupy the same space.

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