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3 Core Elements

3 Core Elements

Compliant – The Successful Retirement Plan ensures proper plan governance, abiding by the IRS and DOL rules. It retains the level of fiduciary responsibility with which the plan sponsor is most comfortable. Understanding the fiduciary roles of the plan sponsor, recordkeeper, third party administrator and accountants helps avoid surprise issues.

Efficient – The baseline for a Successful Retirement Plan is low costs and quality funds. An efficient plan uses technology to reduce time intensive tasks within the plan’s administration. A cost-efficient retirement plan creates value by deriving the most services out of the dollars spent on recordkeeping, third party administrator, and audit costs.

Effective – The Successful Retirement Plan drives dollars to the company’s bottom line through tax savings, building ownership wealth, reducing turnover costs and retaining quality talent. It also commands a high participation rate from employees and provides the tools needed to retire with 70-90% income replacement.

Does your company's plan equal the SRP formula?